Look what the Lord has Done
Linda Thompson was dealing with a  Brain Anurism, measuring the size of 6 centimeters. She came to the Altar for prayer, and the following week a CT. Scan confirmed that the Anurism had shrunk to 2 centimeters. Several weeks later her doctor declared that the Anurism is completely gone.  
Cathy Harper was suffering from a Benign Tumor on her Pacreas, that grew to the size of a softball. The surgeon stated that he had to remove her entire pancreas which would leave her as a type 1 diabetic—demanding a lifetime of daily shots. While she was in the hospital recovering, we prayed that the Lord would re-create a new pancreas.  HE DID JUST THAT. The medical staff was baffled that her body was producing Insulin. They took a CT Scan, and found that there was a small–yet new Pancreas in her body. Even the Surgeon argued that he knew that he removed the entire Pancreas. God is Good!
Virginia McQuistion had been hobbling around with the use of a Cane, for quite some time. Her legs not only weren’t strong enough to support her, but they were giving her constant pain. Several months ago she came to the Altar for Prayer, and the Lord touched her mightily. She threw down the Cane and began to run around the Church. From that day onward she has been walking freely, even up and down stairs– without the use of any Cain. 
Sherry Hess was dealing with a badly sprained ankle that continued to flare up  over the last several months. While walking on her lunch break with a co-worker her ankle began to hurt, and continued hurting for several days even leading up to Sunday Morning Service. When she was prayed for at the Altar, the pain was gone and the next week she testified that she hasn’t had any difficulty with it since.